01/09/2017 – 03/09/2017

Moverons Farm

I am currently artist in residence at Moverons, an Essex Farm on the marshes.

Farming represents man’s earliest intervention in the landscape. The sense of history at Moverons from the bronze-age through the Romans to the present is palpable. The current landscape is the cumulative result of both past and present occupants. Focusing my art practice on the farm I have tried to encapsulate the beauty, whilst linking the man-made to nature.

Visiting the farm over the year has allowed me to revisit the same places through the seasons, in different weather and at different times of day, each time seeing everything anew while absorbing a sense of place.

My paintings reflect man’s intervention in the landscape, while the sculptures give a nod to nature and the landscape using materials created by man. What has particularly inspired me about Moverons is the commitment to wildlife conservation and so there has been an awareness in all my work of the fragile balance between humans and wildlife. This is more apparent in the ‘shadow photographs’ where I have isolated ‘specimens’, playing with the idea that in cataloguing and archiving we must decide what is of value to keep in a world where so much is becoming extinct.

Julie Cuthbert, 2017

‘Her investigative intelligence combined with her wide-ranging interests and creative inventiveness stimulate, engage and excite interest. The lawyer in her watches, listens, absorbs and extracts the viscera of the subject in hand and then interprets and presents in various media.’

Morlin Ellis, Independent Art Historian

Private View and Book Launch: ‘Moverons, An artist’s sketchbook
1st September 2017 6-8pm
Wine and Music. Suggested donation to NGS £10
RSVP julie@red-bird.co.uk