assorted snags, image browser display etc


headings h1 and h2 now orange ( #FF5F23 ) font-weight: normal

home page

slideshow images revised, several images adjusted to increase brightness and reduce differences in colour of ambient light (less blue)

image sequence now begins with bronze bird detail on Minories poster

images resized (some slightly cropped) to fit 700x534px

added DSC 7309 (but could not locate other similar DSC images?)

blog/lab posts

blog and lab posts now removed author, date and comment details, change ‘continue reading’ to ‘…more’ and increase excerpt length to 200 characters

sample shortcode:

[ wp_cpl_sc cat_id=3 list_num=20 css_theme=4 sort_order=desc read_more=”…more” show_comments=”false” show_date=”false” show_author=”false” excerpt_length=200 sticky_post=”” ]

image thumbnails and imagebrowser displays

removed [show as slideshow] link from above thumbnails

removed thin keyline around large sized image displays (imagebrowser)

removed thick white keyline around single image displays (eg in ‘about’ page)

re-position imagebrowser navigation buttons (previous/next) as simple triangle arrows appx half way down either side of landscape image:

added h3 title, description and item number below image (type aligned left):